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My Story

Customer Raves




Our family reunion had people in attendance ranging in age from 2-97 and he entertained everyone thoroughly.....

- Candice W.


James Lawson is just plain funny.....Thanks James for helping making my birthday party filled with pleasant memories.

- Janice B.


James did a great job and was very flexible........He successfully and consistently got great laughs from our crowd. We had a great time.

- Tracy B.


    I knew I wanted to be an entertainer since about the age of eleven, performing in talent shows and school plays all throughout my childhood. Until one day I had an"ah ha" moment and realized that following my  passion to entertain was my true pursuit to happiness. To see me perform is to see me at my best  because only then , am I in my true element and comfort zone. 

   Growing up in a family full of  "funny people", being funny only comes natural. I find the true humor in my darkest times because I firmly believe that laughter does heal the soul. Now with over ten years of experience as a stand-up comedian, I'm taking my act to the  gritty stages of nightclubs to the much more conservative stages of corporate and church events nationwide. Healing hearts and bringing laughter is simply what I do.